Wednesday, 2 March 2011

MyPadMedia (iPad)

MyPadMedia is an extensive new iPad service allowing users to access thousands of novels, newspapers, comic books, and more from one source. The bright, straightforward and user-friendly site lets users download unlimited multimedia with one simple touch.

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What will My PAD Media can provide you?
unlimited eBooks for the iPAD
download any books directly to your iPAD
access to the fastest iPAD download on the net
members have unlimited access, no restriction
unlimited free novels, comics, newspaper and more
free 24 hours technical support
huge media selection
no monthly fee, no pay per download fee
no delay, no P2P filesharing
Free digital satellite TV, watch over 3,500 HD channels right on your PC

Ibooks is so cool, it uses epub format unlike Amazon's Kindle. I was totally impressed with safari web brower and ibooks. But the real thing is that, you have to pay almost $13 for each book you download from ibookstore which costs you quite a lot, if you would like to fill your ibookshelf with all your favorites .

Rather than having to face the inconvenience of paying per download book, MY PAD Media will allow user to access to all types of eBooks such as novels in a wide range of genres such as bestsellers, classics, mystery, thriller, crime and romance. This site will also shows members how they can download hundreds of superhero action, manga, anime and comedy books which can be read on their very own IPAD device.

It doesn't matter what computer system you are using at the moment. It works with PC, MAC, LINUX and all operating system. As long as you have your own IPAD and an internet connection and your very own computer, you can easily download any iBook you like directly into your new IPAD.

The quick downloads make this site particularly appealing as there will be no frustrating waits when you are desperate to read the next novel in a series! The site is clearly laid out with simple instructions on how to download, anyone, even the least tech-savvy bookworm, can use myPadMedia. So you have to look no further than myPadMedia where an endless library awaits every reader.


  1. do you think its worth buying an ebook? i think i would like it most for pooping, when holding pages of a book is awkward

  2. I personally like using the vast resources of the internet to get my ebooks and using a free 3rd party app to read them. free books all around!

  3. I prefer traditional books over E-books plus the only reason I would own a e- book is for using the bathroom XD

  4. I dont need these ebooks or something like that. I read alot but i read normal books. Plus i dont have an iPad so i wont get the chance to try..

  5. Think I'll wait to get this for the new Ipad 2 comes out. Will you make a post about that?